Japanese tea tradition communial study group to Helsinki

Studying Japanese tea ("tea ceremony", chadō) is in many ways about learning and understanding together. The equipment needed for training is rare, expensive and basically only available from Japan. In July 2023, I founded an open communial study group for people studying Japanese tea, which meets mainly at the practice tea room I manage in Helsinki. The tea tradition studied is Urasenke. In principle, all participating in the group's activities should have basic knowledge of the tea tradition according to the Urasenke from Suomen Chado Urasenke Tankokai yhdistys ry association or from somewhere alse.

Those interested in the activities of the study group are asked to note that this study group is not educational activity of the official Urasenke association of Finland mentioned above, but specifically a communial study group where those who already know "chado" deepen their skills through doing and realizing together.

Japanese "tea ceremony" utensils listed on the site

Ilkka Veiström has been studying Japanese tea tradition, Chadō, according to the Urasenke school, since autumn 2016. Studying the tradition, often known as the tea ceremony in Finland, is a multi-level practice where each participant; the tea maker (teishu) and the guests have their own, precisely defined roles and etiquette. However, at the heart of everything is the original starting point - to offer a cup of tasty tea.

Veiström established a training tea room (keiko chashitsu) in his home in Kamppi in the summer of 2023. The background is the idea that, in addition to Veiström's own training, also offer the opportunity for okeiko (-training) to other students of Japanese tea.

When preparing tea in the tea room, the equipment plays a key role technically and from the point of view of paying attention to the guests. As a result, the equipment used in the tea room has started to be added to the ilkkaveistrom.fi website, and the equipment can be found under "Japanese tea - Chadō".

Studies required for a private detective license

Ilkka Veiström has been accepted to the multi-professional vocational college Careeria for the Specialist Vocational Qualification for security supervisor studies. The new studies will start in August 2023, and alongside them, Veiström will complete the security guard card. The estimated completion time of the studies is at the end of spring 2024. The total scope of the degree is 180 competence points.

The study to be started is based on the idea of expanding the existing business services in the field of financial administration to also cover such activities and services, the provision of which requires a private investigator's license and a private detective agency's business license.

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